Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jose Offerman Attacks Umpire

UPDATE ! Full Video {linked here}


Got more info. Here is a translation from a Dominican Newspaper.

This happened earlier today like I mentioned. It was a game between Tigres del Licey and Gigantes del Cibao. It was in the 3rd Inning. Offerman left the dugout to protest the ejection of Catcher Ronny Paulino. They are expecting a huge fine or suspended for a long period of time. Source from El Nuevo Diario. {linked here}

This is Breaking News.

What's wrong with Jose Offerman ? I used to suffer as a Dodger fan back in the 90's with his many errors.

Two years ago, he attacked a Pitcher with a bat.

Then today (a couple of hours ago) as a manager for the Tigres del Licey in the Dominican Republic, attacks the Umpire. He knocks him out !

Check out the video. Embarrassing. Jose, you need help.