Thursday, January 21, 2010

55 SINCE '55

I got a e-mail from Alexander (I have no idea where he got this picture) last Monday asking me if I can confirm this. He was wondering if the Dodgers are going to be wearing this Patch this season. I asked the Dodgers and they replied right away saying that they are not sure if they will be using this Patch. They said that you have to go through a process that almost takes a year. It could of been a Patch that has been approved by MLB but has not been finalized with the Dodgers.

I'm a Geek with these kind of things. I love the Patch. I like the motto "55 SINCE '55" They are celebrating their first Championship. I hope the Dodgers do decide in using this Patch on their Jersey.

What do you think ? Vote ! Should the Dodgers use this Patch on their Jersey this season ?

I'll update you if I get word from the Dodgers if they are going to use this or not.

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