Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"We are SCREWED"

He is not investing in the minor leagues and WE ARE SCREWED! I am done with these ignorant savages! The Dodgers will not get another dime from me and NO SUPPORT! I will call out these Stupid Idiots every chance I get! You won’t see me at Spring Training – I am going to become a Reds fan! I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO done with these fools!

Those comments were made by Mark Timmons. He runs a great Dodgers Blog 'LA Dodger Talk' I don't always agree with his posts but I really do enjoy his blog. Now I wish I can do the same and root for another team like the Pirates or the Marlins. But I can't. I have been watching the Dodgers since 1991. I can't give up on this team and just root for another team like Timmons. I'm a die hard fan.

I do understand Timmons point. It's obvious that he is really upset over the McCourt's situation. The Dodgers are not willing to spend extra money over a couple of Draft Picks. Which is very sad. The Dodgers are not even players in the International Market. I'm a Baseball America subscriber and I often read of a young teenager out of Venezuela or Dominican Republic signing with other teams. The Dodgers are not doing anything anymore.

I will be watching the Dodgers next year but won't be expecting anything. Like I mentioned yesterday, this team has a lot of young talent. I'm not worried. I'm just worried about the future.

It will be interesting to see if Frank McCourt feels pressure to finally sell the team. Also, I wonder if Timmons is really rooting for the Reds? I guess he's ending his blog.


Rob said...

Comparisons to Donald Sterling, who came from a real estate background and similarly underfunded the Clippers, are now seemingly apt. Unlike the Clippers, McCourt has proven thus far willing to spend; but there comes an end to the leverage.

Michelle said...

ooooh! Ranting and raving and all kinds of spit flying! I understand the frustration, but breaking down to become a RED'S fan! No, that is not possible! Maybe he is just seeing red.

Roberto said...

Red = Communists lol

Bobby Crosby said...

Pointless to be worried at all. Whatever turmoil is currently going on, it won't last long, I can guarantee that. We won't go more than two straight years without owners who are willing to spend money. We've had a long string of GMs who have no clue how to spend it, though, so it doesn't make much of a difference. We obviously have a great team right now (led the league in ERA and batting average in '09) and I see us improving on both of those stats in '10. Anyone who's worried about our pitching doesn't know much about who we have available and what they're capable of. Our only problem is our manager, but hopefully 2010 will be the year we play so good that he won't be able to screw it up and blow another NLCS.

Bobby Crosby said...

Also, anyone who insanely says they're not going to be Dodger fans anymore because of this was NEVER a fan to begin with.