Thursday, December 3, 2009

Peter O'Malley wants to buy the Dodgers?


Diamond Leung sends me a link of where this story might come from. From November 10, O.C. Register Randy Newman:

I'm told that if a divorce forces the sale of the franchise, former owner Peter O'Malley might be interested in reacquiring the team in the right deal, and already has one local investor with deep pockets willing to back him. I think that is a longshot, given O'Malley's chilly relationship with Commissioner Bud Selig, but you never know.

Thanks Diamond.

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You might have noticed that I haven't posted much rumors this off-season. First of all, I just don't believe the Dodgers are doing anything big. Roy Halladay coming to the Dodgers? Yeah right! Unless they do something really dumb like trading Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier to Toronto.

I'm just not wasting too much posts on rumors this 0ff-season. I'm still surfing the net and reading all the news and rumors and something caught my eye this morning. I checked if anyone else wrote about it but didn't find anything. So I'm sorry if it has been talked about in the other blogs.

From Daily Titan:

Peter O’Malley, who became owner of the Dodgers when his father passed away in 1979 and owned the team until they were sold in 1998, has plans to form a team of investors in hopes of re-acquiring the franchise.

Say what? Now look, it's the Daily Titan. A newspaper from Cal State Fullerton. The article was written by Fred Bloom. I have no idea who this guy is. He can be a College kid and just writing rumors.

But if this is true, I would think O'Malley would have an advantage in getting the team again. He made a mistake when he sold the team. I still remember when he said that Families can't run Major League Teams anymore. That it will take corporations to run a Franchise. I believe he didn't know what the future was holding. This was before mega bucks were given to the Owners from

At this point, it looks like Frank McCourt has no desire to sell the team and will stick to it until his lawyers advice him to sell it. It's going to be very interesting to see how everything works out.


Ken said...

this would be just the dodgers needed to become a winning franchise!
by winning, i mean winning on the field as well as with the community!
imagine, an owner that cares about the team

omalley said...

O'Malley did not make a mistake in selling the team. It was losing money under the circumstances at time of sale, he took a record price for any sports franchise, and likely made more money from investments than he would've owning the Dodgers since then. If he chose to get involved again using funds from other investors, it would be a great step forward for the team. He could keep the family money but restore the luster and stability the Dodgers had for 40 years in LA until he sold.