Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Matt Kemp - Basketball Videos -

I uploaded a couple more videos of Matt Kemp showcasing his Basketball skills.

Video 1 - I shot this one when not many people were inside the gym. It was a warm-up. Slam Dunk!

Video 2 - This is game footage. Kemp pushes his opponent away and easily scores.

Video 3 - Kemp was on fire. Within the first 3 minutes, he had 10 points. Check out this video where he grabs a rebound and scores.

I believe there is a couple more videos. Not while playing Basketball though. I'll try to upload them tomorrow. I do want to mention that Kemp was playing as if he was a little kid on the playground. It was really fun watching him do something that wasn't Baseball.

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PenosCabell said...

Damn, he's got a soft touch. He needs to be careful though. I would hate to see him getting hurt on the basketball court.

Roberto Baly said...

You know what, I thought the same thing. It does scare you that he can get hurt but then you realize that he's been playing Basketball all his life. I'm sure he knows his limits. You think when he starts making $ 15 million a year, his team will let him do this? I don't think so.