Friday, October 23, 2009

Torre, Colletti, Sax speaks

Joe Torre and Ned Colletti spoke at length at Dodger Stadium about this past season and also talked about next year. A couple of players were in hand too. I'll give you the quotes and pictures later tonight. Plus you will never guess who I met (clue...look at the title)

I need to eat and do some errands. Catch you later.


Chris said...

Hey Roberto - I think I was standing next to you in the dugout as Ned and Joe spoke...I coun't place your face at the time, but then realized it was you when I was talking to Sax in the Dodgers' shop after the media event ended. Anyway, great "meting" you and stay in touch - love the blog and keep up the great work!

Chris @

Roberto said...

Hi Chris. I don't think I have ever visited your site. Wow, good stuff. I'll add it to the blog roll.

Yeah it was cool meeting Sax. Interesting...

Next time say hello! Thanks :)