Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frank to Jamie: You're Fired !

I read a couple of rumors this morning but is reporting it's true. (Thanks to reader Alex for the tip)

Just great. That's dandy. Jamie McCourt gets fired by Frank McCourt.

Seriously guys, what's wrong? I think it's going to be a very long off-season. It might take a long time with court dates and what not to resolve this situation. Who is going to end up with the Dodgers? It sure looks like both of these are fighting for the team.

As a Free-Agent, would you come? Knowing that you don't know what the future holds? What if they sell the team (even though they have said it won't happen)

The sad saga continues...


Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has fired his wife Jamie as CEO of the team in what promises to be bitter fight over the storied baseball team, has learned.

The McCourts are going through a divorce, and the sides are battling over the team.

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