Friday, October 23, 2009

Andre Ethier and his Dom Perignon

Arrived at Dodger Stadium this afternoon for the Press Conferences of Joe Torre and Ned Colletti. Both spoke candidly about several subjects. Before going down to the clubhouse, I stopped at the Top of the Park. Hiroki Kuroda was shopping Kuroda shirts and jerseys. I said "Buying for friends and family?" He responded "Yes, Yes" After the shopping spree, he had his own little press conference with the Japanese media on Top Deck. The Japanese media always come in full force. You can barely see Kuroda. You can click all the pictures...Went down stairs. The only players from the Roster that I saw were Andre Ethier, Ramon Troncoso and Jon Garland. Ethier said it was special being part of the playoffs. He thinks that the Dodgers do have a couple of candidates to be the Ace of the team. He did watch the Angels/Yankees game last night and noticed John Lackey. Will welcome a new pitcher here to help the team if the Dodgers can find anyone.

Ethier did show off a bottle of a Dom Perignon champagne. It was a gift by teammate Doug Mientkiewicz to celebrate his first 100 RBI Season. How cool is that? Check out the pix: Then had a nice conversation with L.A. Times T.J. Simers:I also talked to Manny Mota. He is very proud of this team and says they will be very good for many seasons. Mota says he will spend his off-season in the Dominican Republic.

On to the dugout to catch with Torre and Colletti.

The following are my notes that I took. Notes are all over the place.

Torre spoke to the media first.
He will be back next season. Hasn't thought about beyond 2010 Right now just spend time with family. Did watch the Yankees/Angels game from last night. Is not picking any team to win. Does admire Phillies manager Charlie Manuel. Says he's a great man. They have a good team.

Someone asked him if Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier is now the nucleaus of this team. He responded that they are but so is Russell Martin and James Loney. Believes Brad Ausmus was a great help for Martin. Thinks he helped a great deal.

About Alex Rodriguez and his new success in the playoffs with the Yankees: "He now thinks he doesn't have to do it all by himself, looks good"

On Scott Elbert "Maybe reliever at this point, not sure"

On Chad Billingsley "He needs to get mind set back, like 1st half"

On Manny Ramirez "I want him from the start. Hopefully he starts from scratch. Needs to be at Spring Training"

On Future 2nd Baseman "We can look from within" "We got lucky this year with Orlando Hudson, he wore out in the 2nd half"

Colletti Press Conference:
Colletti says it's a small market to look for a Pitcher. He believes Billingsley and Kershaw might become the future Ace of the team. He also doesn't think the drama between Frank and Jamie McCourt will affect the business side. Will be having meetings with Torre and discussing options. Does believe Pitching depth and a second baseman are top priorities. When asked if he is interested in Japanese High School prospect Yusei Kikuchi, he smiled and said "Perhaps" Didn't want to talk about it.

Other people that I saw from the Dodgers organization:

Ken Howell
Mariano Duncan
Ramon Troncoso
Mark Sweeney

A couple more pictures.
After the conferences, went to the Gift Shop at Top Deck again. I met Sax from Sons of Steve Garvey. What a nice guy.

Our conversation:

Sax: "Hey you're that guy from the blog?"
Roberto "Yeah, hello"
Sax: "Ronaldo?"
Roberto "Ah no, it's Roberto"
Roberto "What's your name?"
Sax "mmmm uhhhh aaahhhh"
Roberto "???????"
Sax "I'm Sax from Sons of Steve Garvey"
Roberto "Ohhhh!"
Sax "You never saw me"
Roberto "O.K."

It was a great experience. Big thanks to Josh of the Dodgers P.R. Department.


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It was a pleasure meeting you too Roberto; see you again soon!

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Good stuff Roberto.

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