Friday, September 18, 2009

Strike Out Aids

Thanks Marisela for the e-mail:

To continue the 9th Annual Strike Out AIDS celebration, be part of the AIDS awareness tonight - Friday, September 18th as the Dodgers play the San Francisco Giants.

Game time is 7:05 p.m.
Buy your seat now and be part of the presentation
of the huge AIDS ribbon on the field and the pregame ceremonies.

For tickets and information, please
contact our office at 323.257.1056 or email


LoveEthier16 said...

Mmm yeah. I went to the event the day before and Andre wasn't even there!

Roberto Baly said...


LoveEthier16 said...

As soon as they said he wasn't going to be there, I couldn't hear anything. There were so many things going through my head. Haha but my sister said they said something about a family emergency or a family commitment. Either way, he wasn't there :/ Yeah I spent $125 and didn't even get to see him!

Roberto Baly said...

WOW! :(