Saturday, September 19, 2009

Do it DeWitt !

AP Photo: Ronnie Belliard hits a GRAND SLAM.

What a beautiful day at the Ballpark. I wasn't there but just looking at the t.v. it looked like a great atmosphere. What a difference 24 hours make. Last night, they played terrible and today they had a offensive surge. Save some runs for tomorrow!

Matt Kemp hits his 25th Home Run of the season today. He needs five more for the big 30

Can he do it? Maybe not. But it would be so cool for Kemp to join the 30/30 club. Next year for sure! He also needs five more RBI's for 100

Andre Ethier needs 1 RBI for 100

James Loney needs 13 RBI's for 100

Interesting to see these stats as the season is ending.

Great game for the Dodgers. Favorite moment of the game? Seeing Blake DeWitt hit a Homer!


Anonymous said...

Yay Blake!! So happy he got called up (again).

Roberto Baly said...

Me too :)

Unknown said...

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