Monday, August 24, 2009

Ethier & Kemp: Upper Deck Event

This is from the Upper Deck event that was held a couple of weeks ago.

Martin wrote this e-mail on August 10 Sorry for the late post! I thought it was already posted. Thanks!

What's up Roberto?

Had heard about your blog over the last year or so but I hadn't really checked it out until the last few weeks.
I was at the Ethier/Kemp signing at Upper Deck. I was able to get an Ethier autograph and from what I saw almost everybody that wanted his signature got it.

The staff/organizers asked everybody that was still in line if they had purchased an Ethier autograph ticket before he left. When nobody else was stepping up, Andre left. If anyone had an autograph ticket but didn't get a signature that was as surprise to me.



RMBlue Crew said...

There were several of us who did not get the auto. We had purchased both Kemp and of the guys came out when Andre wasgetting ready to leave...we got in the store the line ws about 25 deep and then he left. We were told that Slam and Jam would honor the tickets at Frank and Sons on September 5th. Also Hudson cancelled and we were told that are tickets would be a 2 for 1 deal.

Roberto said...

Yes I heard this too.

Well apparently the Ethier event at Frank & Sons has also been canceled.

Hudson canceled the Upper Deck event because he had to attend the WIN event at Dodger Stadium but will be at Frank & Sons next month.