Monday, July 20, 2009


Who are these guys? Sorry if it's your favorite band or something...

E-mail from Linda:

Sorry, but I have NO CLUE who these guys are! It's in Silverlake (lol I think) on Rowena ... close to a coffee shop I frequent

Don't be sorry. I don't know either! Thanks for the e-mail.

So who are they? You can leave the answer here. Thanks.


LoveEthier16 said...

Can't really tell who it is but it looks like Nickelback to me! I don't even know why I think it's them, I don't even like them. Hahha

And I don't know why they would be on that billboard? Haha

Roberto said...

I was thinking Nickelback too.

Who knows.

Linda is going to try to shoot a better pix and send it again.

alan said...

its definitely nickelback