Friday, July 17, 2009

Matt Kemp Story

I was out since the morning with a Dr. Apt. So I didn't have access to a computer until now. I wanted to do this earlier but I just couldn't do it. I want to talk about the Matt Kemp story that was posted yesterday.

I never accused Kemp of doing anything wrong. I only posted a link that was on at another site. But I do believe that I was wrong in reporting something without getting more details. I'm sorry for doing that.

I think it was a mistake in my part for posting something without facts. I should of just ignored the story until I get more details about it. For that, I apologize.

I was contacted by several people (including someone from the Dodgers organization) today and had the whole story explained to me.

The one thing that was correct from my story was that Kemp did go to the awards show with his Mom. The story of the link that I provided was wrong.

His Mom passed out. I don't have details about her health at this moment.

Just wanted to do a quick post and tell you that I had no bad intentions for Kemp. Once again, I'm sorry.


Eric Stephen said...


Very cool of you to post this mea culpa. Keep up the good work on the site.

Go Dodgers!


moe28 said...

Good of u to clear it up. Nice job... ya the whole writing thing man always about getting facts

Roberto said...

Thanks Eric.

Anonymous said...

So there was a rumor going around that Matt Kemp was drunk at the ESPYs? That's kind of funny because I remember him saying he doesn't drink, but maybe he was kidding. Although I doubt it.

I hope his mom is OK. Let us know if you hear anything.

Ferio said...

Damn Sports by Brooks.

Good move apologizing but I think most of us understood you were merely forwarding a link.

Don't trip.

Roberto said...

@ Monica -I will try to update you Monica. Thanks!

@ Ferio - Yeah I was forwarding a link but I think it was a dumb move. But thanks for the comments Ferio. btw, I have to e-mail you. I'm having problems posting that gif picture onto the blog...

Ferio said...

It takes a while to upload since it's like 3mb.

You can just hotlink it from my site if you'd like, I don't mind.