Saturday, July 18, 2009

Autographs: Orlando Hudson

The O-Dog!

Orlando Hudson was signing autographs at Living Spaces (Van Nuys) He was scheduled to sign autographs from 10:30am/12pm. We showed up early. About ten fans were ahead of me. Now I have been to other autograph events at Living Spaces and they always give out wristbands to each person in line. I was expecting the same thing today. I believe around 9am, two employees came out. One had the wristbands and the other one had t-shirts. He started giving out instructions. But to be honest, I didn't understand him...

He started giving out the wristbands. I was talking with a friend, so I didn't pay attention what the employee was doing. He came up to my Wife and gave her a wristband. He passed me and gave one to my friend. I told him "You didn't give me a wristband" and he said "You're with them"

I didn't know what he meant by that but I was thinking that he was only giving one wristband per family. I quickly told him "No, I came by myself" He gave me a wristband and said "Oh now everyone drove by themselves" I said "Yeah I guess"

I got my wristband and a Living Spaces shirt with the name "Hudson" on the back. Cool! lol

I don't really know what the policy was but I'm glad I told him that I came by myself. Some people that were behind me didn't get wristbands. That's a bummer. Especially to those that came really early.

They opened the doors at 10am and they let us in. Which was great because it was getting hot outside! Once inside, I noticed that ten fans were not in front of me anymore. It was more like 15/20 fans!

O-Dog showed up until 10:45am Check out the video....

Got my stuff ready to get signed. I had a Dodgers Magazine that has the O-Dog on the cover. I gave my Wife a ball which already has most of the players signed. But the O-Dog was missing.

The same employee that was giving out the wristbands outside was the person checking out the line. I'm not sure what he was doing to be honest. He would let certain people without wristbands get their autographs and others he would kicked them out. But hey, that's not my problem. I did feel bad for them but what can you do?

I shot this video of making my way to the table. Right before meeting Hudson, I noticed two kids in front me. I don't remember seeing them before. I do remember it was two teenagers but not little kids. They must of cut in front of me or their parents were ahead and they stayed behind. I don't know. Since I was busy recording, I guess I didn't notice. At 44 seconds he asks "Where are the bracelets?" I thought he was talking to me so I said "Right here buddy" But it looks like he was talking to those kids. He asks something like "So who are...." and kicks them out. At 1:03 he starts talking and says "I'm sorry" I have no idea who he was talking too. I just said "You're doing a good job sir"

Ha! I just wanted to avoid this guy and get my autograph. I don't know what the deal was with him. I just didn't want any trouble.

Got to the table and gave my magazine to Hudson. Told him that I saw his daughter on t.v. interviewing all the All-Star Players. Check out the video.

Signed my magazine and posed for a picture. I did notice certain people were able to get a picture but other people got rejected by the employees. My Wife had a chance to get a picture but she said "No, I only get pictures with cute players" Sorrryyy :)
My friend tried to give him two items but was rejected. Only one item per person. Hey, he tried :) My Wife got me the team ball signed and everything went great. Thanks to the O-Dog and Living Spaces!

Did you go? If so, leave your comments here and share your story :)



Falling LEAVes said...

lol seeing as it is now 1:11 AM and I have been awake for nearly 19 hours after getting less than 3 hours of sleep ... my post about the experience will have to wait till.. Sunday? Monday? We shall see. I hope Broxton's turns out better.

Yumyumcha said...

That guy giving out the wristbands had no idea what he was doing. My cousin standing next to me was NOT give a wrist band because he was with me. But when we went inside, that guy tried to prevent him from signing. But when we called him out on it, he said "it depends on Orlando, he doesn't know if you had a wrist band or not". Huh, than why wouldn't he sign it than. And than he tried to say that my cousin had too many items. One poster? And stupid me forgot to bring my ball point pen in so my baseball is signed with a sharpie. It was just lame all around.

Roberto said...

@ Yunyumcha....

Sorry dude but you got screwed. I would of called the manager or someone and make a big scene out of it. lol That guy was clueless.