Thursday, June 25, 2009

Simple question

Who is reading this? Post a comment! It's a simple question!

Do you want me to keep posting upcoming appearances or you don't care about that and just want to read Dodger news?

Two fans got upset that I wasn't able to post the Eric Karros info. 1 fan sent me a hate e-mail saying my days are being numbered lol Seriously? It just ruins the fun of blogging. If I don't get feedback, how will I know? I'm seriously considering just blogging news about the Dodgers. I started to blog about my experiences in meeting players because I thought it would be a fun way to share these stories.

Also, don't leave 'anonymous' comments. It's just dumb, at least leave a fake name.

Click 'comments' and leave me your thoughts. Or if you prefer a e-mail, send it! Simple question, simple answer.



Jimena said...

Im reading this haha

I dont care about autographs but i do like reading when you meet a Dodger. Jus do what u always been doing. I like the blog alot. Very funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi Roberto, I'm not too savvy on the computer. Not sure how I can post my name. I don't have a OpenID Or google account. My name is Steve.

I want to read more Dodgers news. Maybe posting some commentary on Baseball and the Dodgers. Take care.

Sauerkraut said...

Just keep doing what your doing man.
Please continue to mark autograph appearances, its a great service you do. Keep up to good work!

Jessica Valdez said...

Hey Roberto please please post autograph signings!!!! I check your blog everyday for updates!! Your a better source than!! Also I need advice. So Im going to the game Saturday and Im planning to go as early as allowed because supposedly they let you into the field level 2 hours b4 gametime? Is this true? do you have any other tips? This is gunna be my last game before school starts so I wanna make it the best! thanks so much!! -JESSICA

M.Brown said...

To the person who cried about not getting EK's auto. You can buy one on ebay for .10 You could also contact his Spa and see if they will give you some of his back hair. It's worth about the same.

aLex said...

im reading this.

Keep doing your thing... about the Karros post dont worry aboout it, if your a real autograph collector you know where to look for upcoming signings. Your blog is not an official player signings information site so ppl gotta relax.

BTW it was only my Sis, Bro and

Oh yea 1 more thing Fernando Velenzuela Signing next week. Let me confirm...

Raul said...

Hey Roberto!

When/where is Fernando Velenzuela signing? Any info?

gabriel said...

I like both the Dodger news and the autograph signing info. I don't feel you're obligated to post autograph info (But, it's cool when you do. lol). Heck, it's your blog, do as you wish. Either way, I enjoy your blog!

ernest said...

Hey Roberto. Put up the signing news when you can, but, certainly, don't feel obligated. You've got your own little slice of the Dodger Blogger pie and since it just happens to coincide with what you enjoy you should put it up. Again, you shouldn't feel obligated.

Also, ignore the negative emails! They are not worth thinking about.

mattmaison said...

I'm reading! I don't live in LA, but I love hearing about the appearances and if I lived in LA I'd be going to them!

You have a great blog because it's a fan blog, not just Dodger news and analysis that you find everywhere else. Keep it up, you're only going to get negative emails from people who are unhappy, the happy ones just keep reading.

jbruin said...

hey man,

im a new reader to your blog but i check it every day at work. I do enjoy hearing about the apperances even though most of the time i cant make them... i have let a couple friends know about them from your blog though so keep that up. The info and stories are also a nice touch... its your blog man, do it how you want to do it, i just wanted to let you know that it is entertaining and i am sure that a bunch of people that dont comment think the same way that i do.

Think Blue

Susana said...

Don't pay attention to the haters! Plus that cholo that wrote to you and cried about Karros needs to grow up!!! I really love your blog. Don't stop. Do whatever you please. I like it in a way that it's different from the other Dodger blogs.

Roberto said...

Thanks for the suggestions and comments! Keep them coming!

@ Jimena - Thanks!

@ Anonymous/Steve I like writing commentary on the Dodgers. I will try to do it more often.

@ Sauerktraut - Thanks! You're always leaving comments. I appreciate it.

@ Jessica Valdez - Yes it's true, get there early. 3rd Base side.

@ M.Brown - You're always funny man. lol !!! That spa comment had me laughing for a couple of minutes.

@ Alex - Thank you. BTW, Stop posting the Valenzuela rumors! lol

@ Raul - There is no Valenzuela event. Alex is just trying to start rumors.

@ Gabriel - Is this Gabriel from Facebook? Thank you.

@ Ernest - Thanks Ernest. I just ignore the e-mails. It's not even on my mind anymore. I also enjoy your blog dude! Keep up the great job :)

@ Matt - Thanks, I really appreciate the comments.

@ JBruin - Thanks!

@ Susana - Thank you :)

Penos Cabell said...

Roberto - I love your blog. I check it out to see if players are making appearances. Let us know about as many appearances as possible. It is your blog after all, so you do what you want.

Natalie said...

I think you should post autograph info. It doesnt upset me if you dont, but its nice to know about them.

rich said...

Please keep posting the appearances...I can't seem to find this info anywhere else.

Thanks for the great blog.


norcali said...

Hi Roberto,

I'm stuck in NorCal with Giant Fans (ewe), anyway i love ur site and check it out all the time.

Keep up the good work and don't change a thing! Being stuck in norcal, it's fun to read your experiances meeting the players.

Roberto said...

@ Penos - Thanks!

@ Natalie - Thanks !

@ Rich - Thanks !

@ norcali - Be careful with those Giants fans :)

Julie Hibbard said...

I'm reading! Every single day! Sometimes several times a day! Keep it up Roberto! I'll be at the game Sat night...and just got tickets to next Friday down in San Diego...rumor has it someone special might show up!
someday I want to meet you!

Michelle said...

As I have mentioned before, I really like your blog. I am not so interested in autograph appearances as I live on the other side of the world but it's interesting to see all the appearances the players do. I think adding your perspective as a fan in the blog is what makes it unique and that is what separates a blog from just another place to gather news. Be creative and do what you like, if people don't like it then they can go root for the Angels! ;)

reasn said...

great blog and I gotta say............ keep posting your Dodgers appearance info. Keep posting the quirky stuff, the funny stuff, the barely relevant stuff, the stuff we probly wouldn't know otherwise, etc.

Dude, just keep up the great work.

PS, I'll be at Petco next Friday for Manny's 1st game back. With a sign.

I'll give details later.

Tony_T from the 818