Monday, June 8, 2009

At Bat Songs -Dodgers-

At Bat or Entrance Songs

Jonathan Broxton

Chad Billingsley

Casey Blake

Andre Ethier

Rafael Furcal

Clayton Kershaw

Hiroki Kuroda

Russell Martin

Will Ohman

Manny Ramirez

Cory Wade

Jeff Weaver

Randy Wolf

Brad Ausmus

Mark Loretta

Matt Kemp

Jamie Hoffman

If you don't see a certain player above, it's because I couldn't find the song on GoEar.

Here are the rest without the music
Juan Castro: Down - Lean Like a Cholo
Orland Hudson: My President - Young Jeezy
James Loney: Maino f./T. Pain - All the Above
Juan Pierre: Mary Mary - God in me
Jason Schmidt: Godsmack - Keep away (Just stay away Jason!)
Eric Stults: Toby Keith - Baddest Boots

Who do you think has a great song? Who has the worst song?

For worst, I'm picking Juan Castro. What's up with "Lean like a Cholo" !?

I think Clayton Kershaw, Rafael Furcal and Hiroki Kuroda have great songs.


Raintes said...

Matt Kemp's intro changed about every other week or so. I've heard so many different ones when he comes out to bat. He should concentrate instead on not going after the 0-2 high cheese. :p

Delwyn Young had "Lean Like A Cholo" when he first was brought up. Sad. Mark Loretta has "Lowrider" too.

S said...

best post!

recently matt kemp's has been the new soulja boy single it.

best is dewitt (duh) with zeppelin! duh!

Hugo said...

Donde esta el rock en espanol! haha Rap sucks!

Kershaw has the best song. RHCP one of the best bands ever

Erika said...

Andy LaRoche had the best song!

Eric Stults' Angry Thumb said...

I feel like Ethier has something a little more hardcore (and in English) nowadays - but I could be wrong.

Loney's song is my favorite but Furcal gets crazy points for originality.

Anonymous said...

Matt Kemp's song changes during the game sometimes too. From Soulja Boy to Rick Ross. It's weird.. Also Jamie Hoffman has a country song for his. I liked when they used to play Big John for Broxton.. That was funny.. Or Johnny B. Goode.

Yumyumcha said...

Thats Jonathan Broxton's song? When I saw him at the Sam's Club signing in El Monte, I told him he needed a song. He just chuckled.

~Erin~ said...

This is awesome, but I think a couple of the player's songs have changed over the last few games. Any updated info?