Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No more Mannywood

What should the Dodgers do about Mannywood? You can't name that section of Field Level if Man-Ram is not playing. Plus who's going to pay 99 bucks to sit at a section where Man-Ram used to patrol. Should it be Pierrewood? Nop.

Well the Dodgers have the answer! It's 90090!

From Dodgers.com

Starting May 18, get two Field Box tickets and two limited edition 90090 t-shirts for just $99 in honor of the new Dodgertown, California zipcode - 90090.


• Tickets available for games starting May 18; subject to availability
• 2 Field Box tickets in section 51 or 53 (left field Field Box)
• 2 90090 t-shirts (voucher to be redeemed at Team Store in left field)
• Just $99!

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Sauer said...

That is freaking lame...
collecters only