Saturday, May 9, 2009

Autographs: 1959 Dodgers

May 8, 2009 Dodger Stadium

Went to the game last night with my Wife. I was wearing a Manny Ramirez shirt. Had a great time. I was hoping for another Chad Billingsley win but it didn't happen. More than 50,000 fans showed up. I really doubt that. It looked more like 40,000 fans.

My little summary of the autographs that I obtained before the game.

Five players from the 1959 Dodgers team showed up to meet with the fans. I'm big on collecting Baseball Yearbooks and Programs. I don't know why but I'm a big fan of Baseball programs. Earlier, I went to look for my old programs and I knew I had something from the 1959 season. I found the 1959 Dodgers Yearbook! I was looking for the 1959 World Series program but I couldn't find it. Must be hidden somewhere. But I was comfortable in taking the yearbook. When I took out the program from a box, I noticed a autograph. Instantly I remembered that I bought this program like this. It's autographed by Frank Finch. Who's Finch? I have no idea. I looked it up online and wasn't able to find any stats of Finch. More on this later...

I was looking forward to this since I like meeting players from the past. Some of these guys played for the Brooklyn Dodgers! My wife shot the pictures. I shot the video. I uploaded on YouTube. There is no edit. It's shot the way it was shot. So sorry for any weird shots like Fred Kipp's bald head. lol

First up was Don Demeter. Gave him the program and signed it. Got a pix with Demeter.

Next up, Tommy Davis. What a cool guy. I've met him a couple of times before and he's always nice to me. I didn't take a pix with him since I already got one. He got my program and when he was going to sign it he notices the "Frank Finch" autograph. Check out the video. He tells me he was a sports writer for the L.A. Times. I tell him that I bought it like that.

Next to Davis was Mr. "Moon Shot" Wally Moon! Davis tells Moon about the autograph. Moon asks me "You want to sell it?"

No Wally, I don't sell anything! :)

Didn't get a pix with Moon either because I got him last year at the Coliseum.

Then Fred Kipp signed my program.

Final player: Joe Pignatano.

He took like an hour to sign my program. God bless him. It was really cool getting these guy's autographs on the '59 program! Thanks guys :)



Lucas said...

Funny video. Cool shots of the old Dodgers.

alex said...

why do you always make sounds when you record? lol

Roberto said...

@ Lucas - Thanks!

@ Alex - One of my many talents! :) lol