Friday, April 17, 2009

Who would of thought....

From the Dodgers Stat Department:

Team Game - Manny Ramirez is batting .258 (8-for-31) with no home runs and four RBI through the Dodgers first 10 games. Los Angeles' seven other regulars, Casey Blake, Andre Ethier, Rafael Furcal, Orlando Hudson, Matt Kemp, James Loney and Russell Martin, are hitting a combined .283 (73-for-258) with nine homers and 45 RBI through the club's first 10 contests. Ramirez's four RBI account for just 8.2 percent of the eight regulars combined 49 RBI.

I'm not even worried about Man-Ram. He will be alright. Plus it's good to know that the other hitters have contributed so much.


Julie Hibbard said...

I think it proves that we have a TEAM of great players! And it's great to know that we don't need to count on just one guy to get us going. Manny kicks in right when he needs to. And, I am sure he will soon blow us all away again!
Last night's game was one in a million. I LOVE that kind of excitement!

Roberto said...

I agree Julie ! :)