Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photo Day @ Dodger Stadium

April 18, 2009
11:00 am / 11:50 am

It was a hot day ! Today at Dodger Stadium was Photo Day. Before the game, fans were invited to go into the field and take pictures of the Dodgers.

I told my Wife "I'm not taking any stuff to get signed. Just take pictures and only with those that I haven't taken a pix."

Years before, I would usually take a couple of magazines or balls in case anyone signs autographs. Most of the time, I would get nothing signed so I decided to just take pictures.

Well guess what ? I saw many players signing autographs ! lol

That's life.

It's ok.

A couple of pictures before the event started:

This guy (Cleveland Indians fan) was interviewed by Fox. You might see him in tonight's news.
The show starts...
Hong-Chih Kuo
Brad Ausmus (Read this)
Don't read this if you're a big fan of Ethier. (I'm serious! lol)

I believe it was after Ausmus that a fan (His name is Gilbert) came by my side. He had a kid with him. We started talking and he told me "I was in the other side and Ethier didn't want to pose with my kid" "He kept saying I don't do facebook or myspace, so no pictures"

Like I posted before, (read this and this) I get many e-mails from fans telling me that Ethier is a jerk. I didn't believe it because I've never had a problem with him before. But it's just weird that I get so many e-mails asking why Ethier is a jerk. To be honest, I can't answer that question because I've never had any problems. My brother went to Arizona last month and he told me the same thing that Gilbert said. He kept saying "No myspace or facebook pictures"

I don't know exactly what Ethier means.

Well I noticed that Ethier was coming towards our side. I was wondering if Gilbert was going to tell him anything again. Just to witness this myself. Guess what ? Gilbert confronted him. He told him "Hey Andre, why no pictures ?" Then I heard some kids in the back saying "Why are you here then ?" Then Ethier said what others have told me before "I don't do pictures, no myspace pictures" I don't know what he means by that. He just doesn't want all these people posting his pictures on myspace ? I have no idea. I was mad at myself because I had the camcorder with me and I didn't record this. A funny moment did occur. I don't know who it was but someone yelled at him "Then take a shower!"

But it's true people ! Ethier was a jerk today and from the e-mails that I get from you, I guess it's been a while since he has done this.

It didn't hurt me since I've met the guy before and to be honest, one of the nicest guys I have met. It was just very weird to see kids screaming at him "Andre ! Picture !" and he just kept saying "I don't do pictures" He's lying because he has taken pictures with fans before. I don't know what the problem is....On to the next !
Guillermo Mota ! This dude is funny. He was just walking around and I noticed he wasn't coming towards us. I'm half Cuban and I have noticed that Dominicans and Cubans use some of the same spanish slang. I screamed at Mota "Coño Papi ven aca!" lol He came and said "Coño ! eeehhh aqui toy Coño!" lol That was funny !! So that's the tip of the day ! Whenever you want their attention, just scream those words. Just don't ask me what it means :)

Another funny dude. Will Ohman. I told him "Hey great Harry Caray impersonation!" and he said "I'm doing it again this year!" lol I can't wait Will. Click here to watch his Harry Caray impersonation.

Up next....the man that everyone wanted to meet. Manny Ramirez. Man-Ram was talking to everyone. Posing pictures. Grabbing babies. Smiling. Everything. I got lucky. I came very close of not meeting him. Check out this video that I shot. It's 5 minutes. Sorry for the length. I started shooting basically when Man-Ram came to my side. Here's a little timeline while you're watching the video...

10 Seconds: You can see El Gordo!
20 Seconds: Answering my cell phone. Mom wondering if I was going to eat lunch with her later lol
1:02: Ronald Belisario just walked by. I didn't even notice because I was watching Man-Ram lol
1:30: Gilbert still mad at Ethier. He says "This is what a baseball player is supposed to look like"
2:03 Jonathan Broxton is mad because nobody is paying attention to him (well except this fan)
3:03 Someone hit me...It was chaos.
3:39 Telling my Wife "Ready babe?" lol
3:40 Camera going down...
4:00 Pimping my blog to Gilbert lol
4:15 Manny screaming at Mota
4:22 Man-Ram runs away. Fans that were on my section were shocked...I felt bad for those that didn't get a pix.

Couple of bruises and people stepping on my shoes, but it was fun lol

Joe Torre was next! He seemed shy.
O-Dog didn't stop. Just ran !
Juan Castro. I asked him if he was playing Winter Ball in Mexico after the season and he said he wasn't sure.

Eric Stults
Juan Pierre was cool. He stopped for those that asked for a picture. I even saw him sign autographs.
This is not Man-Ram. It's Ohman wearing a wig. I shot this from the big screen.
Other stuff that I didn't get to....I did notice that Russell Martin was very nice. He was signing autographs to anyone that asked. Stopped for pictures. He was walking very slow. So I'm sure many fans didn't get to meet him. I don't know why but my Wife's favorite pitcher is James McDonald and he stopped for a pix. I think that's about it...

Across me, I saw a reader of the blog. Linda! Sorry, didn't get to say hi.

I didn't stay for the game...

I'm out, peace !

Oh one more thing.

Viva Los Doyers cabrones ! :)
Oh oh oh one more thing ! lol

Last thing, I promise.

Matt Luke was signing autographs at the "Autograph Alley" !! Can you believe it ? Matt freaking Luke !! Wow :) Are you buying a house anytime soon ? Contact Matt !

Tell him Roberto sent you and he will give you a 10 % off any closing fees !



Anonymous said...

You got me laughing through out this post. Haha!

I do remember Matt Luke. Was he really signing autographs ? Sweet pix of you and Manny.

Will Ohman looks like a funny guy. Enjoy the blog !

Susana said...

Awww how cute. talking to your mami lol I didn't know you were Cuban. Mucho sol verdad ? LOL

Roberto Baly said...

@ Anonymous - Yeah Luke was signing autographs and he really does sell houses. I remember I saw him last year and to be honest, I don't remember him. I had to look him up on Baseball Reference. lol

@ Susana - Half Cuban. My dad is Cuban and my Mom is Mexican. Si mucho sol. lol

Tina said...

Hey Roberto, just wanted to say that you are right about Ethier. He broke my heart. My little sister was crying. Maybe cuz he's married and the wife gets mad ?

I really love your blog. Been reading it for a long time. I don't leave comments but just wanted to say that. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

How do you do it homeboy ? I was there and wasn't so lucky like yourself. But congrats on your day.

Mario said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Roberto Baly said...

@ Tina - Sorry to hear about your little sis. Thanks for reading ! :)

@ Anonymous - Don't call me homeboy lol Thanks :)

@ Mario - Hey dude, I deleted your comment. No bad words here, c'mon. This is a family blog lol I know you're mad at Ethier. But it's not the end of the world. Just forget about it.

Mario said...

I'm sorry Roberto. Sorry.

I'm just mad. We pay their salary. We watch the games and this fool comes here and acts like he is better than everyone.

It's cool u got this blog. Like it.

LoveEthier16 said...

So I'm REALLY sad that Andre didn't take pictures with anyone because if you actually get to meet him one on one he really is soooo sweet! I don't understand why he was there either if he wasn't taking pics but I did get to grab his hand. But I think it would have been worse if he didn't go at all. And I really wanted to cry too when he didn't take pics too. And thinking about it makes me want to cry!!! OMG I am soo sad right now. :/ Cause I KNOW he is a great person.

LoveEthier16 said...

And then he had to do this in front of all these people. And now I get to defend him. And I have no problem with that but it just makes that people who were meeting him for the first time will have this memory stuck with them forever.

LoveEthier16 said...

Oh and the worker in the first picture in the blue shirt is my daddy's friend Silvino. He's cooL!

Roberto Baly said...

Is this Michelle ?

Don't cry...

lol it's all good.

I'm surprised too. I don't know what to say. Like I said, Ethier is actually a very nice guy. I don't know what's going on with him. Then from what people tell me, it's been going on for a while now.

Jenny said...

Hi everyone. I also saw the way Ethier acted towards the fans. Really messed up.

Manny was having fun. Russell Martin was going very slow. He took pictures with everyone but since he took so long many people missed him.

Loney is so nice. I can go on and on but just wanted to write about Ethier.

LoveEthier16 said...

Ahhh yes it is Michelle. Haha! And I don't even know what to think right now. I don't even know why! Hahah! I just need to stop thinking about this already. Haha

Roberto Baly said...

@ Jenny - Thanks for reading :)

@ Michelle - It's alright.

John said...

Nice video of Manny Ramirez. Must of been cool meeting him. Hey what the hell was a Indians fan there ? I lived in Chicago a couple years ago for college and went to many Cubs games and Will Ohman is a clown. He's a great guy. He used to pitch for the cubbies. Nice job Roberto

Roberto Baly said...

I have no idea what a Indians fan was doing there !

Unknown said...

I have told you before about "Andre I don't sign photos Ethier" We have the player meet and great next month in Albuquerque. Great Pics. I wish I was out there. Have you heard about the Louie Tiant (El Tiante). I heard him on the radio Friday. The film sounds cool.

Falling LEAVes said...

Hey Roberto! I thought I saw you there, though I wasn't sure. I saw the angle of one of your photos and blew it up ... I saw my friend (who was standing right next to me) but the Dodger lady was blocking me. Actually, I saw myself in the background of another photo (the one where Lissette is studying). Yeah, I saw El Gordo and remembered your run in with him at Canter's.

And about Andre... The not taking pictures thing must be recent because he took photos last year. A friend told me what she heard the reason why he stopped, and it stinks for the rest of us fans. Too bad it applies to all fans now. I don't see why he won't take photos with kids at least. But he wasn't the only one who wouldn't stop for photos. Just the only one vocal about it.

Anonymous said...

Nice recap, and cool pic with Manny!

Re: Ethier, I've had a lot of good interactions with him, though think there must have been something someone did to make him stop taking pics. I mean, it's photo day after all!

The big test is what will go down on his Carne Asada Sunday on May 3. That whole event is about taking pictures with fans. Whoever goes to that needs to ask him about his new "no photo" policy and post a recap.

David said...

Hi, I also went. It was a nice day. Got a Manny pix. Andre said no to the whole section. He kept saying "I don't take pictures" He looked serious saying it.

Nice video of Manny. It was crazy where I was. People shoving and getting hit by other fans.

Julie Hibbard said...

You are my hero.
Ethier should sit out fan PHOTO day if he does not allow PHOTOS!
You are my hero!
Amazing shots!

LoveEthier16 said...

ahhh! I'll be sure to ask Andre when I go to Carne Asada Sunday although I hope he doesn't get mad and doesn't take a picture with me! Hahah! And I'm even thinking about writing him a letter because I was really upset. The last picture I got with him was in November. I don't see how things could have changed so quickly. :/

Unknown said...

it was a very good day!!!! great pixs.. ya maybe its just on phot day bc at signings he always willing to take a picture

PenosCabell said...

Great pix. Damn, Guillermo Mota is big guy.

Sauerkraut said...

Hey, as long as Ethier continues the way hes using that bat, he can be as much of a douche as possible. haha I want runs.

Fernando said...

Why didn't you take a picture with Russell Martin ?

Roberto Baly said...

@ Evan (I love this game) Yeah apparently he won't sign pictures or take
pictures now, weird huh ! ?

@ Linda (Falling Leaves) Yeah I saw him take pictures at the L.A. live this past February. This must of started in Spring Training. That's when my brother told
me that he heard him say "No pictures"

@ JJ - What's up ! You are right. I won't be going to the Carne Asada event.
But it would be cool if someone does go and gives us a recap (That's your job

@ David - Luckily no one got hurt !

@ Julie - Thanks Julie !

@ Michelle - Yeah tell him what's up! ?

@ Moe - It was a very a good day :)

@ Penos - Big dude !

@ Sauerkraut - True lol

@ Fernando - Because I already have one. I just wanted to bug the ones
that I haven't had a pix before. My wife did get one. Really nice.

J.C Dodger said...

Once again..great pictures & great Video of Manny. About Ethier, hopefully he doesnt continue like that..maybe his wife doesnt let him take pictures anymore...who knows..ViVa Los Doyers !!

Roberto Baly said...

Thanks J.C. :)

Anonymous said...

-oh so you don't need to purchase a ticket to go on the field for photo day, great to know for next year photo day. -Your wife bringing homework into the stadium reminds me of the movie fever pitch, with drew barrymore bringing her work to the stadium. Better keep an eye on those flying balls. -Nice shot of manny chewing looks like you caught him off guard.

Roberto Baly said...

@ Anonymous - You don't need a ticket for the Photo Day event.

Yeah my wife has no life... lol she's in the Masters program so basically it's always doing school work.

NikonSniper said...

great photos here.

Anonymous said...

Andre posed with us last time. I wonder what happened.