Monday, April 20, 2009

Man-Ram's Mouthguard

Man-Ram & Dr. John Bixby
What's up with the mouth guard that Manny Ramirez uses ?

It's called a PPM (Pure Power Mouth guard)

Invented by neuromuscular dentist Dr. Anil Makkar, Makkar dental devices naturally align the athlete’s jaw, enhancing strength, balance, endurance and oxygen flow during training and competition, allowing them to maximize their performance. The Makkar PPM Impact and Makkar PPM Bite are the most natural performance-enhancing products you can put in your body. No sports drinks, no supplements and no taking chances with your health.

Man-Ram talks about it:

A new, high tech mouth guard is helping LA Dodger superstar, Manny Ramirez, reach baseball milestones.

It's called The Pure Power Mouthguard (PPM), a technological wonder developed by Canadian dentist, Dr. Anil Makkar. By holding his jaw in a position that allows his jaw and neck muscles to completely relax, The PPM is literally giving Ramirez an edge in strength, balance and flexibility.

"Incredible," is how Ramirez describes it. "I pop this thing in my mouth before I go to the plate, and man do I feel a difference. Just like that, I feel stronger, and more relaxed. And when you're feeling relaxed and in tune with your body, you can do some damage… I just love it," he says.

The star slugger has been showing off the device during games. He knows the device is helping improve his game.



yeah, i also read somewhere else that it cost $5,000..i wonder if russell martin's mouth guard to quit chewing tobacco is helping him quit his addiction?..its sure not helping him relax and hit better.

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@ Hector - Martin needs to relax. I'm kind of disappointed in him. But it's too early I guess....