Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Who should be the Dodgers 5th Starter ?

The Fifth Starter for the Los Angeles Dodgers might cause you heart problems. It just looks bad right now. I created a new poll. Vote on who you think should be the Dodgers 5th Starter ? The options are:

Jason Schmidt (Yikes!)
Claudio Vargas (Double Yikes!)
Sign Pedro Martinez (So we can forget about Delino DeShields!)
Roberto (That's me! I'm sure I can do better than Schmidt, no?)
Nobody ! They all suck !

You can vote by strolling up. It will be on your left side. Vote ! Since you're asking, I'm voting for Pedro Martinez. He is a Free-agent and is looking for a job. Plus I need a new picture with Pedro lol (I'm the one with the Karros, Piazza, Mondesi Shirt. The other kid is my twin brother)

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