Saturday, March 7, 2009


World Baseball Classic has started. A couple of games have already been played by Asian teams. My three teams will be playing this weekend. U.S.A. will play today against Russell Martin and Canada (sorry Russ, you are going down!) Well that's if U.S.A. really wants to win. Cuba and Mexico will be playing tomorrow. Should be fun. Get all the info by clicking here.

Also, the WBC shop has added more items. Including this Cuba hat. It's a different design than the '06 version. I need to get a Mexico, Cuba, and U.S.A. hats.



its already a good start to the wbc.the super stars from the d.r. got upset by the unknowns from the netherlands.good baseball..some bad baseball from d.r.

Roberto said...

I saw that. I can't wait for the Mexico game.