Sunday, March 22, 2009

WBC workout: USA & Japan

Team USA and Team Japan had a workout yesterday 20 miles South of Dodger Stadium to prepare for today's game.

March 21, 2009
Mike Schmidt and I admiring the sky. Mike told me "This ain't Philly Kid"
Jonathan Broxton eating French Toast with his teammates:
Jeremy Guthrie...
David Wright signing autographs

Derek Jeter signing autographs. I'm the one in the brown shirt. Did I get the autograph ? Nop. I failed. Someone came in and told Jeter to stop signing. Too dangerous since everyone was pushing.
Team USA working out.
Barry Larkin is a coach for Team USA
Adam Dunn !
Big Broxton.
Ryan "The Hebrew Hammer" Braun. (Funny how they call him "The Hebrew Hammer" yet he considers himself a Catholic-Jew with no faith)
Akinori Iwamura
Yu Darvish

Hopefully it's a good game tonight.

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