Sunday, March 22, 2009

WBC: Korea vs Venezuela

March 21, 2009 @ Dodger Stadium

Korea has only one Major Leaguer. Just one. They beat Venezuela last night at Dodger Stadium. Venezuela on the other hand has many stars playing in the Major Leagues. Korea has proven to be a force in the WBC.

Dodger Stadium was filled with thousands of Koreans. They were very loud. During the 7th inning, the broadcasters on ESPN Radio said that if USA wins against Japan and face Korea on Monday, there is a good chance to see more Korea fans than USA fans at Dodger Stadium !

That's a shame. I don't know if that's true. We are just going to have to wait and see if USA can beat Japan later tonight. Speaking of USA fans, this one guy held up a sign that said "Korea vs Venezuela, I'm at the wrong game. Joe Morgan please help !!!!" lol

Manny's Back ! (Billboard on Sunset)
Los Chamos getting ready for the game
WBC Logo @ Dodger Stadium
I will never understand this. Why would you buy a Dodger Monkey ?
Korea Starting Lineup:
Venezuela Starting Lineup:
Bud Selig told me "Give me credit! I invented the WBC!"
Korea fans going crazy.
Alright, enough with the photos...

I'll be there today for the Japan/USA game. Will there be more Japan fans than USA ? We shall see.

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