Monday, March 23, 2009

WBC: Japan vs USA

Konichiwa !

March 22, 2009 @ Dodger Stadium

I told you my prediction was going to be wrong ! Japan vs Korea.... Wow.

The Japanese were loud. But not as loud as the Koreans. They were louder. But Japan fans are crazy too. They are very passionate about their country and team. I had tickets on Field Section 49 but we sat behind the home plate on the last row. That's how easy it was to find empty seats. Only 43,630 fans showed up. From around my area, it was mostly Japan fans. I was looking at other sections and I'm positive that the stadium had more Japan fans than USA fans. The USA fans that were there, didn't really make much noise. I was the only one clapping for USA. Damn, you guys are so laid back ! lol

Way before the WBC began, I've written here that the Americans can care less about this tournament. I still don't know why but that's the truth.

I noticed it three years ago in Phoenix. Not many Americans showed up. I noticed it in Anaheim too. Mostly Asians and Hispanics. I noticed it in San Diego in '06 and this year, mostly Asians and Hispanics.

Anyways, on to the game.

Karate Kid is on the house!
Team USA...It's just a bunch of All-Stars and Hall of Famers but it's not a TEAM. I noticed Team Japan would talk to each other. One of them flied out and he walked up to the next batter and gave him tips. Maybe he saw something on the Pitcher that can help his teammate. Whenever they score, right away the whole Dugout blows up into joy. But with Team USA, what a bunch of boring guys. I'm sorry.
USA Starting Lineup.
Japan Starting Lineup
Ichiro !
Japan Fans
Japan Wins
Final Observations: I noticed Dodger Stadium was a bit different with the Ushers and Security. First of all, I noticed the Ushers were very nice. Well the ones that I spoke to. Some of them come up to you and ask if you need help. It was just a different attitude than past years. They had yellow jackets and I asked one of them if that's the new uniform for the year and he said it was just for the WBC. Also, security was tight. I noticed more security was here than a regular season game against the Giants. You know a Dodgers/Giants game can get crazy. So why so much security ? Is this the Ray Maytorena effect ? I also noticed more LAPD were inside the stadium. Usually you would see many rent-a-cops. There were many LAPD officers. I wonder if this will continue in the regular season or this is only happening because it's the WBC ?

Well I will be there today. Japan vs Korea. I told you I suck at making predictions. So I'm only hoping for a good and exciting game. Korea fans are going to be loud ! Should be fun. Peace !

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