Tuesday, March 24, 2009

WBC: Japan vs Korea

March 23, 2009 @ Dodger Stadium

The WBC Final game was one of the most exciting games I have witnessed. Really cool game. Congratulations to Japan on winning the World Baseball Classic. I'd like to mention that the Japanese and Koreans were really nice fans. I'm sure the ushers and security were happy this weekend. No beach balls and no fights ! lol

Here are some pictures....

Dodger Stadium looking nice and the ushers with their yellow jackets.
Mostly media from Japan & Korea

The Celebration:

Check out this video I shot while they were playing "We are the Champions" Congrats Japan. Cuba will win it in 2013 ! lol I'll have more later today. Got some pictures on the new Dodger pocket schedules, new Pizza stand at the stadium, Peter O'Malley and more. Check it out later today but right now I got to go! Peace!

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