Wednesday, March 25, 2009

R.I.P. George Kell

Anytime there is a Baseball Hall of Famer signing autographs around Southern California, I try my best to be there.

On April 21, 2007 I met Hall of Famer George Kell. He was signing autographs at a card show here in L.A.

I wrote this on my old blog a couple days after I met Kell....

I had the chance to meet 3 Hall of Famers over the weekend. All 3 were at a Southern California Sports Show. On Saturday, I met George Kell. I had a ball for him to sign. He looked very fragile and was really slow in autographing the items. He was telling the person in front of me that recently he was in a car accident. Once it was my turn to meet him, I said hi and gave him the ball. Then after signing my ball, I asked him for a quick picture. I didn't even notice until later on that we are both holding onto the ball. Cool picture ! Mr. Kell was a nice old guy.

Kell passed away last night. He was 86 years old. Rest in peace Mr. Kell.

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