Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reports from Camelback Ranch

My brother just called me again. He gave me some great tidbits from Glendale, Arizona. At this moment it's very crowded. Not that easy to obtain autographs like last week or the middle of February. I guess that's the Manny Ramirez effect. He also mentioned that he saw Ned Colletti and asked him if the Dodgers are going to sign Joe Beimel and Colletti quickly said "No" So I guess that's the end of that and let's hope that Troy does not get a heart attack ! Talking about Troy, like I mentioned in the earlier post, my brother saw him and told him that I was his brother. He says that Troy is actually a little bit shy. Hard to believe that, huh ? Maybe he gets surprised when people come up to him. Also, which I knew it's true because other fans have told me, but my brother confirmed to me that lately Andre Ethier is becoming a jerk. He saw him a couple of days ago and he is becoming a Diva with his own rules of what items he can sign or not. Also, he is refusing to take a picture with you. (Is that my fault ? lol) Other fans have told me this but I found it hard to believe but my brother just told me the same thing. Fans would speak to him and he would ignore you while signing. My bro told him that Troy from West Virginia is here and Ethier ignored him. He didn't say anything. I guess he's too good now that he is making millions of dollars this year. I don't know what's up with him. At the caravan, he was a little bit serious but I didn't found him to be a jerk like other fans told me. While Ethier was acting like that, according to my brother, Matt Kemp and James Loney were all smiles signing autographs. When I went to Mesa, Arizona last week, Loney was very cool and funny like always.

Colletti says no to Beimel. Then there is this report about Beimel being linked with the Oakland A's. So we are going to see Beimel wearing this Uniform ? Weird ! Thanks Mike for the picture.


Joey said...

I know all the females are in love with Ethier. But you know what Roberto ? Your brother is right. I met Ethier when he was a rookie and he was a real nice guy. I was with my sister and he was flirting with her ! Then I met him last December and I was surprised that he ignored me. My little brother gave him a ball and he signed it and gave it to me. He didn't even look at his face.


I thought it was Just me that Andre was like that with. Me and my wife call him Andre I don't sign photos Ethier. He shot me down cold. I felt like crap when he told me that. I hope he lossens up.

M.Brown said...

Bet he wish he had Beimel today

EthierFan said...

I'm a big Ethier fan. I've never had a problem with Ethier. ok I'm a girl, I don't know if that helps. But I think it all depends on the situation. Maybe he is tired. Maybe he is in a bad mood. Maybe he just hates signing. I love you Andre !

Roberto said...

@ Joey - Wow dude, I wonder how many more people have had this experience ?

@ Evan - I'm sorry to hear that. I know how it feels when someone treats bad and you get that crappy feeling. Tony Gwynn, Randy Johnson, and Jim Rice are the top 3 that I can remember that made me feel like that lol

@ Mike - You are right. I guess Joe Torre is not a big fan of Beimel.

@ EthierFan - Look I've never had a problem with him. I've met him several times and the guy has been nice. Ethier was there in December at the Season Ticket Holders event at Dodger Stadium, very nice like always. Last February, I got him at the Caravan. He looked serious but that's about it. But I find it odd that lot's of fans have told me this via this blog or by e-mail and telling me that Ethier is not a nice guy. Just odd. Many people are just going to write to me and lie ? Who knows. Then my brother tells me the same thing !

Also, last year (November to be exact) I was able to do a little question and answer session with Jason Repko. He replied to me and I posted it in this blog. Then in December, I did the same thing to Ethier. He didn't write back. Didn't even say he can't do the Q/A. He just ignored me. I had plans on doing other Q/A with Loney and Kemp but after Ethier's rejection, I didn't feel I should do it.

Maybe I'll do it. Let's see what happens.

LoveEthier16 said...

OMG, no! I don't want to believe this about my love Ethier! Every time I've met him, he has been SUPER nice! Maybe Maggie is watching from a distance ,now that he's closer to home, so he can't enjoy anything Haha. I heard she's mean to him but I don't know because I've never seen them together. But either way, I still love him