Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hairston Bros are Mexican ?

Hairston Brothers celebrating and Karim Garcia (10) looking on.

A couple of people have asked me if Jerry Hairston Jr. and Scott Hairston are Mexicans ? The brothers are currently playing for Team Mexico at the World Baseball Classic. To those that asked me received the same answer from me, "I have no idea" I do know that they were born here. The last name means nothing because believe it or not, many Mexicans don't have a typical spanish last name. So while watching the Mexico/South Africa game, I did a little research on the Mexico roster. I found out that one of my favorite baseball writers had already done a article about this. Jesse Sanchez of MLB.com wrote about the Hairston's heritage last week.

Big league brothers Jerry Hairston Jr. and Scott Hairston were born in the United States but are a natural fit for Team Mexico in this year's World Baseball Classic.

"It is a tremendous honor to be asked to play for Mexico," Jerry Hairston Jr. said. "We understand the culture and how important this team is to the country. It's a tremendous opportunity, and I'm very thankful."

Junior should probably thank his dad first. You can argue Hairston's father, former Major League player Jerry Hairston Sr., made it all possible. Baseball also probably deserves a little credit, too.

Hairston Sr. played most of his summers in his 14-year career during the 1970s and 1980s with the Chicago White Sox, but he spent every winter in Mexico, playing primarily for the Hermosillo Naranjeros.

The elder Hairston smiles when he thinks of his time south of the border. He is especially proud to be the first player to hit a home run at Hermosillo's famed Hector Espino Stadium in 1972.

Hairston Sr. became a baseball hero in the country, winning a Mexican League batting title and playing on a pair of Caribbean Series teams for Mexico.

He also became a husband.

Hairston Sr. met his wife-to-be, then known as professor Esperanza Arellano, at a dinner party after one of his Winter League games. The attraction was instant. She was pretty, smart and kind. Fortunately for Hairston Sr., she was also bilingual. Arellano was born in Navojoa, Mexico, in the northern state of Sonora and moved to Hermosillo to teach English. She's been teaching her husband Spanish ever since.

The Hairstons returned to the United States, and Jerry Jr. was born about two years later, on May 29, 1976, in Des Moines, Iowa. Scott was born on May 25, 1980, in Fort Worth, Texas. The couple also has three other children, all born in Illinois.

"They were all born in different places, but my children know where they come from and what their heritage is," Hairston Sr. said. "We Hairstons, we just fly under the radar. Live life, play our game and do what we do. I'm very proud of them."

You can read the complete article by clicking here.

Other tidbits from Team Mexico:

Augie Ojeda (Diamondbacks) was born in Los Angeles. Everytime I read the name Augie, reminds about Vin Scully. He always talks about a story of Augie's name. He has said it so many times, that I forgot the story behind his name. lol

There are another set of Brothers on the Roster. That's the Gonzalez brothers (Adrian & Edgar) They were born in San Diego.

Jorge Cantu is from McCallen, Texas.

Rod Barajas is from Ontario, California.

Francisco Rodriguez is not the former Angel and currently pitching for the Mets, Francisco Rodriguez (K-Rod and from Venezuela) This is another player with the same name
You got many former Dodgers on this team. Fernando Valenzuela (Pitching Coach) Esteban Loaiza (Coach and Captain) Oscar Robles, Elmer Dessens, Dennys Reyes and my favorite, Karim Garcia ! lol Garcia is one famous dude. Well not here in the U.S.A. Not even in Mexico. Garcia is like a Kobe Bryant type person in Korea ! Click here if you don't remember a post I did about Garcia.

Found this video. The complete roster...



hi roberto. jerry hairston sr is very famous among naranjeros fans.he was great in the 70's.he actually got married on the diamond of hector espino stadium.my brothers watched it in the stands.i was too small to remember.jerry jr. played there in07 but got sick and left...good article..

Roberto said...

Hey Hector ! Yeah that's what Jesse Sanchez reported. I didn't know dude. I've been to 2 games at Hector Espino Stadium, cool atmosphere :)