Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ethier is not a Jerk !

OK I'm having a little fun with the headlines lately....

Andre Ethier is a jerk. Andre Ethier is not a jerk. lol It's fun reading the e-mails from all the Ethier fans. Some got a little bit rude towards me after what I posted last Saturday. I never said anything bad about him. I'm a Ethier fan. I've never had a problem with Ethier the times I have met him. I'm just posting facts that other readers have told me. Here is a report from JJ24:

Hey Roberto, Really enjoy your blog and seeing the pictures you post from your encounters with the players. I was going to post this on your blog, but thought some of the details would run long. Just wanted to let you know that I got back from Camelback yesterday, already my 2nd trip out there this month. I saw an earlier post you made about Ethier's changing attitude before heading out there. I was a little concerned that he was turning into Chad Billingsley. True, there are times that he seems a little less engaged, especially when it's during the games on the field. However, after the morning workout, he stayed behind and signed autographs for every single fan who was out there, at least 75. I saw him signing everything, including bats, jerseys, and even a chewing tobacco wrapper! He posed for photos with everyone who asked and also with me. Actually, my friend messed up the photo so I asked him to take a second picture and he was cool with it, smiling big for the camera. He was chatting with fans, though not in a detailed discussion, but replying. Even when he wasn't signing, he would at least wave or acknowledge the fans, which is more than most other players. Although he is not as accessible as before, I think he is caught up with the rigors of the baseball grind and will pick his spots more (plus he probably scared of some of those stalkers that read his blog). I think the way to keep him engaged is that when fans do meet him, to thank him for being cool with the fans. In any case, the best time to go and meet players is in the mornings during the weekdays. We had access to everyone on the field, took pictures with 10 players, and got about 20 autographs as they walked back to the clubhouse. We even got Manny's autograph (though it's pretty much a scribble). Thanks for maintaining a good blog and maybe I'll see you at the Stadium! Take care, JJ24

Awesome ! Thanks JJ for the report. Happy now ? lol Maybe Ethier read the blog and got his act together :) Peace !


EthierLove16 said...

Ahhh thank you! This sounds much more like the Ethier I've met! He was really sweet!

Roberto said...

lol I knew you would be happy