Monday, March 30, 2009

Citi Field/Ebbets Field/Dodger Stadium

Most people are talking about the new Yankee Stadium. But what about the new stadium for the New York Mets ? From the pictures that I see, it looks like they did a great job in creating a modern but old-school park. Citi Field is modeled after the Dodgers old park, Ebbets Field.

Citi Field hosted a Baseball College game yesterday.

Pictures from the AP:

Entrance to the Jackie Robinson Rotunda, modeled after Ebbets Field's entrance.

This is the entrance of Ebbets Field. Similar ?
More pictures of Citi Field: Inside the Jackie Robinson Rotunda
Picture of the stadium:
You can view more pictures at Mets site.

It's cool that the Mets wanted to model the park after Ebbets Field and it's also nice to give attention to Jackie Robinson. It would of been cool if we would of seen a modern Ebbets Field in Los Angeles. What do you guys think ? Dodger Stadium is ok for you ? We know for sure it will be here for a couple more decades since Frank McCourt decided to upgrade the Field Level and has plans to fix the other sections in the years to come. Just remember that McCourt has a 50 year plan.

I'm not one of those Dodger fans that say "Dodger Stadium will last forever" or "They should never tear this building down" But I'm pretty sure that Dodger Stadium will outlast my lifetime. I think it's going to go on and on. Much like Fenway Park or Wrigley Field. I don't mind having Dodger Stadium for the next 50 years but it would be cool to see things around the stadium. Restaurants, Bars, Shops and things like that would be cool. You don't see much outside the stadium. No, I'm not asking for a Disney town around the area. Just a couple of places to hang out after the game. Also, how about putting some statues outside the stadium ? You see it in other parks. Why not Dodger Stadium ? We have some legends here too. I would start with three statues. Jackie Robinson, Sandy Koufax and Vin Scully. What do you think ?


Anonymous said...

I'm not one of those fans that's in love with D.S. but I think it's a great park. I also agree about the statues. Pittsburgh has statues, San Francisco, San Diego and many other cities. A Scully statue would be the ultimate tribute for a man that has meant alot to many folks.

Sfdodgerfan said...

Great article Roberto. I hadn't realized the park was modeled after Ebbets. I like the idea of the Scully statue. He now has a plague as the Coliseum too. I personally like what McCourt is doing with Dodger Stadium. A new place would be nice, but fixing it up, really brings out the history.

I wrote an article on my blog on how the Dodgers really never should have left Brooklyn. Check it out -

moe28 said...

WOW That stadium looks amazing! I hope I can see it one day!!!