Thursday, February 12, 2009

The War Over A Sharpie

Can I talk to a supervisor ? I have a complaint. There was a encounter between two Dodger employees last week at the Caravan that was held at Canter's Deli. Read my post about that day if you haven't read it. I never had any intention of posting this because I think it's stupid and not worth the time. Plus I had a good time and was able to get autographs from those that I needed. Why make it a big deal ?

Never mind. I decided that this needs to be told. You can't just treat Dodger fans like crap. I warn you. This might be the dumbest story you will ever read at this blog and for that I'm sorry. Let me present you exhibit A:

This picture shows Russell Martin holding a silver sharpie. A kid is giving Martin a Bobble head. Before this happened, Martin or a friend asked if I had a sharpie (I don't remember who it was) I said yes and gave Martin a silver sharpie.

He signed the Bobble Head and moved on to the next guests. I forgot to retrieve my sharpie. About two minutes later, I remembered (or my friend reminded me, I don't remember) about my sharpie. I stood up and followed Martin to ask him for my sharpie back. I noticed his hands were empty. I then noticed a Dodger employee with a handful of sharpies and pens. The employee in question is in the picture behind Martin. You can see her and the pens. (Blow up the pix!)

I got close to her and told her "Excuse me Mam" (who says Mam nowadays ? But since she is a senior citizen, I have to give her some respect) Back to my story. Just imagine a soft voice. "Excuse me mam, Hi. You have my silver sharpie"

No big deal, right ? I asked for it. I should get it back and this is the end of it. But no ! She quickly replied in a loud and angry voice with a devil look

"No! This is not yours. These are my pens! We bring pens. ok! ? ok!? "

I was speechless. At the same time I wanted to laugh. I think I smiled at her a little. I wanted to scream at her so bad. I knew at that moment that it was not a great moment to cause drama. You got Dodger "cops" all over the place and why make a scene ? I told her "Relax, no problem. Take your stupid pens" Since my wife wasn't with me to remind me to act like a ADULT, I decided to act like a kid. Right away, I was in a childish mode. I wanted that pen so bad and shove it up her *&%@% ! I don't care about the pen anymore. I just wanted to prove to her that it was mine. I followed Martin around the tables and I noticed that he had my sharpie ! I didn't want to ask him for the pen back because he was busy signing autographs.

I present you exhibit B:

Here we see a picture of Martin walking. Take notice the large man behind Martin. If you go to Dodger Stadium and other Dodger events, I'm sure you have seen this gentleman. He does security work for the Dodgers because he was to big to be a CHP officer. On to my story. Since Martin was busy signing autographs, I thought maybe I can ask "El Gordo" for the pen. I came up to him and told him "Hi Sir, can you do me a favor ?" He didn't answer. I got sad. I thought maybe he can't talk. I tried again "Can you ask Martin if he can give me my pen back ?" To my surprise he talked ! In a rude matter, he said "It's your lost."

Well yeah, I know it's my lost. I didn't really care about the pen anymore. I can just go to Target and buy another freaking pen ! But why do these idiots talk to you like that and expect you to come back to these events ? I don't understand it. Most of the Dodger employees are really cool. For example, Cindy is a very nice lady. She even brought Martin to our table after a little chaos moment. If I didn't post this, I was going to regret it. I know it's dumb getting mad over a pen ! That wasn't even the point anymore.

Want to know the end ? To your surprise, it has a happy ending. I don't know his name. A tall employee with a white Dodger t-shirt was walking towards Martin and I told him "Martin has my pen, you think I can get it ? If not, it's ok, no problem" and he said "Oh yeah, hold on !" He screamed at Martin "Hey Russell ! Russ, buddy, can I get that pen" Martin had a couple of pens in his hands and the employee asked me which pen was it. The silver sharpie returned to his owner. I was so happy. I was looking for the lady to show her the pen, but looks like she went in to eat a Cholent.

The end.

Peace !




James said...

lol That's a funny story man. You had me laughing throughout the story. Hey you are at Big League Stew! Congrats Roberto.

Roberto said...

Hey Hector! (From Facebook, right?) yeah maybe next time. lol

What's up James, yeah someone just sent me a e-mail about Yahoo! How cool is that ? woot woot ! lol

Susan said...

crazy ! I've had run-ins with that security guard. He is really rude.

Falling LEAVes said...

lol one of the workers at the deli did mention someone arguing over sharpies... she mentioned it cuz she saw mine were all taped and hung on a rope

moe28 said...

LOL this is funny, but good point they shouldn't be rude! the big man last year almost killed my chances with taking a picture with Loney after Loney sais ya sure!!!... n man that old lady in the beging of yr story is the worst I have no idea what her problem is I have had some annoying experiences with her.. but glad to hear u got yr sharpie back

Roberto said...

Susan - So you've had problems with the big guy ? What happened ?

Sunshine - I wonder if that worker was talking about me. lol I didn't really argue. Maybe I should put all my pens in a rope like you :)

Moe- Are you serious ? What kind of problems have you had with her ? I bet more people have stories like this.