Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lasorda "Hell no" on A-ROD to the H.O.F.

Tommy Lasorda was on the Loose Cannons yesterday. He talked about the Manny Ramirez situation, the World Baseball Classic and Alex Rodriguez.

When asked if A-ROD should be inducted to the Hall of Fame, Lasorda said "Well hell I don't think so. No. Not if it's proven that he has taken that, he has admitted that he has taken it for three years and that's not good, not right"

Hear the entire interview by clicking here.


Lasorda Sucks said...

Poor Lasorda. I'm tired of this oldie.

Great stuff Roberto. Keep up the great job. Ur pretty famous over at Dodger Blues.

Roberto said...

I'm still popular over there ? lol Nah I think it has ran it's course. No ? Those guys are great. Last week at the Caravan someone asked me if I was the photoshop dude of Dodger Blues and I said "Yes I'm going to Fresno after getting my autographs to pick up more strawberries" :)

Anonymous said...

Lasorda es un cabron. Valenzuela tenia un brazo de oro y Lasorda la chingo. Esa es la verdad. Preguntlae a Fernando !

Lasorda Sucks said...

Funny. Hahaha I did not go.


Roberto said...

No le puedo preguntar eso al Toro. Es capaz de enojarse lol