Sunday, January 11, 2009

Who Shot Duke Snider ?

The L.A. Times has a great blog reflecting L.A. History. They read old archives and post articles that might be interesting today. Well this morning they had a article about Duke Snider.

From LAT
Found a rather extensive photo package about the Dodgers' Duke Snider trying his hand at acting. Snider had a role in an episode of "The Rifleman," which starred former Brooklyn Dodger (and very briefly, former Boston Celtic) Chuck Connors.

According to Leslie Lieber, Connors invited Snider to try acting while they were at a Dodgers' practice (maybe he meant in the outfield before a game). Leiber referred to Snider as "the great clouter" and "pride of the Los Angeles Dodgers" but said as an actor he "has the most retiring gun in the Wild West--it hardly gets out of the holster."

Click on the above picture to read the article from January 11, 1959

I will resume the daily notes tomorrow. Have a happy Sunday :)

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