Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Daily Notes 1-7-09

Marc Gilbert does concept models. Gilbert is a very creative artist. He did a Dodger Stadium version but with his own twist. Check out his Flickr photostream. It's a Dodger Stadium scale model. You can also visit his website to look at other stadiums he has done. Nice job Marc !

Trevor Time!
So if Trevor Hoffman signs with the Dodgers, should we expect Hells Bells ? I think I prefer "Welcome to the Jungle" :)

Dennys Reyes !

Remember this dude ? The next Fernando Valenzuela. He was rookie pitcher for the Dodgers back in 1997 He didn't exactly pitch that great. Then Tommy "terrible GM" Lasorda traded him along with Paul Konerko to the Cincinnati Reds for Jeff Shaw !!! Thanks Tommy. Well Konerko is not coming back but Reyes might be the left handed relief pitcher that replaces Joe Beimel. Reyes had great numbers for the Twins the last 3 years.


No Man-Ram news. I'm tired of it :)

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