Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Daily Notes 1-21-09

I don't remember seeing this picture before. Orel Hershiser, Brett Butler (holding a Holy Bible) Darryl Strawberry and Gary Carter. It's from 1991 -

Meet Leyritz before he goes to Jail:
Isn't a little weird that former Dodger and Yankee hero Jim Leyritz is on a card show this weekend selling his autograph for $ 22 bucks while his lawyers are trying to save his butt from going to jail for killing a Woman while driving drunk ?

Backing up Martin

Dodgers just signed catcher Brad Ausmus. He is 40 years old and is going to get payed $ 1 million dollars. I guess the 34 year old Danny Ardoin is not making the club.

Bye Jeff

It will be interesting to see what Jeff Kent says tomorrow at his press conferencec. Most in the media didn't like him much and I know many fans who dislike him. I don't have an opinion either way. I liked the way he played the game but I hated his leadership skills. He was always nice to me the times I have met him. The first year as a Dodger, he went to Pomona with other members of the organization and talked to the fans and signed autographs. He came out funny and a cool dude. He even made fun of the Angels. Fast forward and he comes out as a old bitter man. Thanks for the memories Jeff.

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