Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ray Maytorena will kick your butt !

Well not sure about that...But the Dodgers have hired a new head of security. Ray Maytorena will be the Vice President of Security. According to the Press Release, Maytorena has spent the last 24 years working for the United States Secret Service. "Ray's extensive background will be a tremendous asset to the Dodger organization," said Dodgers Chief Operating Officer Dennis Mannion. "One of our three primary goals is to provide the best fan experience in all of sports, and Ray will play a huge role in ensuring that Dodger Stadium remains a safe and family-friendly place for all fans. Not sure what this will do but I hope it fixes some problems that I saw in the Playoffs. I noticed a lot of fights in the Dodgers/Cubs game. If you are a Dodger fan and you are verbally attacking a Cubs fan, what do you think will happen ? I mean it's stupid. What's the point of you screaming at another fan ? Just watch the game.

Here is a example I found on YouTube. Dodger fans throwing stuff at Phillies fans during the NLCS. What's the point ?

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Anonymous said...

Is this a Doder game or a Raider game. How Sad.