Monday, November 10, 2008

MLB & Dodgers Notes 11-10-08

N.L. West 2009
Buster Olney of ESPN wrote a article about the sad situation that is going on with the San Diego Padres. John Moores, Padres owner, is going through a ugly divorce and there are reports that Moores is trying to sell 49 percent of the team as part of the settlement. The San Francisco Giants and Colorado Rockies don't look on paper right now. The Arizona Diamondbacks cut 31 employees from their front office. It has no effect on the field but you never know what's next. If the Dodgers can regain certain players, I believe the Dodgers should win the West easy.

Ken Gurnick on wrote a article about how the Dodgers have wasted so much money in the last 10 years. This of course is in regards to the Manny Ramirez situation.

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