Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Interview w/ Jason Repko

Jason Repko and I. Pix taken last year before a game.
Hello readers, I had a chance to ask some questions to Jason Repko. The talented Outfielder has been hit hard with injuries recently but is preparing for next season. He did sound a little frustrated when asked about the crowded outfield but it was cool finding out he was doing a Batting Cage at his home. Let me put the media credential and fire away the

November 12, 2008
Question 1. Hi Jason, what are you doing these days ? Are you preparing for next season ?

Answer: Roberto, Right now I am back at home in Washington putting the finishing touches on my home batting cage so I can work everyday through the winter. I am always preparing for the next season.

Question 2. You seem to be a player that needs to play aggressive. That's part of your game. Do you ever feel that if you take it a step lower, you wouldn't get so many injuries ?

Answer:As for playing aggressive, I only know one way to play the game and that is to give 100%. This is the way I have fun playing. But I have learned to be safer around the wall, so that should help me from running through Injuries will happen and you can not be afraid or tentative of them. I just play.

Question 3. You became a Dad earlier this year, is it everything you expected ?

Answer: Becoming a dad this year was the best experience of my life. I love every little thing about being a dad, from changin diapers to sharing giggles. I love it.

Question 4. We don't know what's going to happen this off-season in regards to the Dodgers outfield. It seems to be crowded. It looks like you are going to have to fight your way into the 25 man roster. Your thoughts ?

Answer: I have no idea what might happen this off season. I am definitely in a bad situation with the crowded outfield. I seem to be the odd man out no matter how I perform in spring which I think is very unfair, but out of my control. I hit 350 last spring and didn't sniff making the team?

Question 5. Favorite Ballpark ?

Answer: My favorite stadium is dodger stadium, Just with the fans and atmosphere really makes it great. well, take care buddy hope it helps. repko

Thanks Jason! Be patient and healthy, hope you make the team next season. :)

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