Saturday, October 18, 2008

Autographs: Hamilton & Bradley

October 18, 2008
Long Beach, California
Borders Bookstore

Hey everyone! What's up ? Josh Hamilton is on a book tour. Luckily he made a stop in Southern California. He was signing his book titled "Beyond Belief" I got there right before 11am. He was scheduled to sign at 2pm. Got in line and waited for 3 hours ! Luckily a couple of people that reads my blog were there and we talked. Made the day faster. Borders had a couple of rules for the signing. Josh was only going to be signing his book. No other items. I was hoping to get a '08 All-Star H.R. Derby Ball signed. I still took it and I gave it to my Wife so she can ask Josh for the signature. Can't say no to a girl, right...? Right before 2pm, guess who came in ? Milton Bradley ! He went in and asked a Borders employee if Josh is around. The employee said that in a couple of minutes Josh would be coming. A couple of fans said hello to Milton. Then he disappeared. A couple of minutes later, Josh came in.

I said hello to Josh. He said hello and shook my hand. Signed my book. Then a stranger took this picture.... I think he was working for Josh. He said he can take pictures, so my Wife gave him the camera. After getting the book signed, my Wife gave him a book and while he was signing it, she asked him if he could sign a ball. He said "If I sign it, I'm going to sign for everyone" So I didn't get the ball signed. But he was nice about it and wasn't rude. Then we headed outside and noticed Bradley was signing and posing pictures with fans. Right away, I bought a '08 All-Star ball from someone that sells items. I came up to Bradley and asked for a autograph.

He signed it and took a picture with me. It's the second time I met Bradley and he was cool. A very nice guy. People find that hard to believe but I'm serious, he is a good guy. Thanks Josh & Milton ! Peace!

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